Bird control

BIRD Southpest specialise in Bird Control and have experience and access to a wide range of methods and product ranging from traditional “exclude and block” and Bird Spike Installations through to the more complex Avishock and Bird Net Installations. Whilst we do carry out domestic Bird Control, we are also experienced in larger commercial bird control, including large “total exclusion” jobs using Network Bird Net.


AVIPOINT P20 WIDE BIRD SPIKEHigh quality stainless steel spikes insert-moulded into UV stabilised polycarbonate base. Perfect for pigeon control on ledges and downpipes.

NETWORK BIRD NET 19mm x 20m x 20m BLACK

NETWORK BIRDBird netting is suitable for all levels of bird infestation. Manufactured from knotted polythene. Network Bird Net does not absorb water or stretch and is chemically inert. UV stabilized. Denies access to protected areas giving “total exclusion”. Perfect for overhangs, underground carparks and rooftops.

Custom size nets also available – made to order


  • Brand new design – Ideal for mainstream bird proofing projects.
  • Conditions birds to stay away.
  • Fewer energisers (and power sources) are required, making installation very fast and reducing materials cost
  • The copper strips are covered by a conductive plastic cover, ensuring that they stay protected from harsh weather conditions
  • Reliable performance over a long lifetime
  • Discreet low profile, just 8mm high!
  • Favoured by clients and architects
  • Used extensively on heritage sites and challenging building specifications

To watch a video on how to install Avishock , please click here.

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